Become a Partner – All Businesses

Do you run a business?  Would you like free advertising?  Do you want more clients or sales?  We are offering every businesses in Victoria FREE Advertising.  Simply register your business and provide your discount offer and we will do the rest.  You can change your offer at any time throughout the year.

Everyone in the community wins

Benefits of being a Business Partner:

  • Be featured in our online community paper(s) for FREE.  We will let people know you are supporting the Find Cards.

  • Provide a discount offers to attract customers and/or make more sales.

  • Provide us a giveaway item to draw in a give month.  We will promote your business for Free during that giveaway period.

How it works for business partners:

  • 1

    Find Card members purchase a membership.

  • 2

    You supply offers to the Find Card members

  • 3

    A proportion of membership fees go to the NFP or organisation of choice each year.

  • 4

    The Find Card members support your business.

Become our Partner – Charity, NFP, Clubs, & Schools

Are you a charity, NFP, school, sporting club or similar organisation that is wanting to raise additional funds?  If so, consider becoming an In-Kind sponsor with the Find Foundation.  We have done all the work for you…now you can sit back and receive the support you need whilst knowing your members are benefiting as well.  Only In-Kind sponsors will receive revenue from the Find Cards.

Benefits of being an In-Kind Sponsor*:

  • Your organisation will be featured on our online community paper for FREE by sending your article, upcoming events and offers every month.

  • Your event and special offer will be posted on our social media platforms and Apps.

  • Our followers will become your customers via your special offers promoted by Find Foundation.

To express your interest in our Local Businesses:

To express your interest in our Local Businesses:

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