When you sign up as a Find Card Member, you are supporting a community organisation that needs your help.  Some people will choose a sporting club or a school, whilst others might choose a kinder, NFP or charity.  Not only are you supporting that organisation but you are also supporting the Find Foundation www.findfoundation.org.au, a Not-For-Profit, that is setting up and operating community papers across Victoria.  The community papers enables organisations like sporting clubs, NFPs, charities, schools and the like to advertise for Free; a place where those organisations can tell their story, let the community know what services they provide and let the community know when they are running their own fundraising events.


Because you are supporting your organisation of choice and the Find Foundation, we want to give something back to you via the Find Card Giveaways.  Each month, all members will go into a draw to win a prize.  Also, at the end of each year, there will be a Grand Member Giveaway prize.  The Grand Member Giveaway will not only win a large prize for one of our members but it will also win a prize for the organisation you have chosen to support.


The Find Card member draws are drawn on the last day of each month at 7pm AEST and you watch them live right here. These giveaways are exclusive for loyalty members so if you’re not a member sign up here : (www.findcards.com.au)

Yes, these draws are exclusive for Find Card Loyalty Members. So if you want to be apart of these weekly draws sign up now : (www.findcards.com.au)

With the Find Card monthly draws we do not provide entry certificates or codes as we use a digital name draw system. Your name will go into the draw based on the amount of entries you have in our system e.g., for each month you were a member for that calendar year (max 12 entries representing 12 months).  The draw will randomly select a winner each month. 

Yes, as long as you are within Australia and we can send you the prize if you win, you can enter. Best of luck!

After your purchase, you’ll receive welcome emails including login details for the Find Card.  Everyone who is a Find Card member is automatically placed into our monthly draw and Grand Member Draw at the end of the year.  Everyone in the draw will receive an email to remind them to watch the live draw which indicates you are in the draw.

As we are starting out, we will only have one monthly draw and everyone will go into this draw.  However, as the membership grows we will in the future seperate the draws into regions so that more people have a chance of winning each draw.

To begin with there will be only one draw per month.  However, as more Business Partners come onboard, they may provide an item to giveaway in a given month.  We will place this added draw on our website and email everyone who is in the draw.  When the Business Partner requests the draw to be based on a specific region because the business is based in that region, we will make this known on our website and we will email those members who will entered into this seperate draw.  These additional draws will not replace the monthly draw that all paid members will be automatically entered into.

When you sign up to Find Cards you’ll provide your contact details, these are what are used to contact you and if you are the lucky Find Card Giveaway winner you’ll be contacted within 24 hours of the giveaway drawing time.

We will be using a digital draw system. This is computer generated and randomly selects a winner live on our website at the specific draw time.  Again, you will be notified prior to the draw that you are in the draw.  Please check your spam folders if you are in the draw but do not see the mail sitting in your inbox.  Remember, only paid members will be placed into the draw.

At the end of the year there will be a draw for the major prize.  One member and their selected organisation they are supporting (which they nominated when they signed up), will win a major prize each.

For every month you are a member in that given year before the Find Grand Giveaway is drawn, you will get one entry into the Find Grand Giveaway.  So, if you become a member three months before the draw of the Find Grand Giveaway, you will have three entries.  If you have been a member for the whole year then you will have 12 entries.

If you are a Find Card Member, you can purchase more entries for the Find Grand Giveaway at the end of the year.  There is no limit to how many extra entries you can purchase.  The more entries you purchase the greater the change of you and your selected organisation winning the major prize.

Not at all, anybody can utilise discounts so feel free to become a Find Card member and save on meals, clothing, travel and more.  If you are under 18 you will be asked to verify you have gained parental consent.

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